Why should I vote?

  •  you can decide who is going to represent you on the TUM committees
  • with your vote you show your support for your student representatives
  • your vote will help determine the path of next year‘s university policy
  • your vote will affect the development of your faculty and university

Who can I vote for?

You elect:

  • dean of studies
  • student's representatives in the TUM Senate and the TUM Board of Trustees
  • student's representatives in the Department Council
  • student's representatives according to the university law of Bavaria

A detailed description is given here.

How can I vote?

You can find more information on that topic under electoral procedures.

Result from former university elections

You can find the results from the past years here: portal.mytum.de/tum/verwaltung/hochschulwahlen


If you have any questions send an e-mail to asta@fs.tum.de or visit the website from TUM.